Monday, April 17, 2017


OK, how freakin' sweet was that trailer for Thor: Ragnarok?! It seems they are giving it the Guardians of the Galaxy treatment, which is totally a good thing. I had to draw the scene from the trailer that everyone is talking about but I figured this time around I would show you guys a step by step of my process as well as which tools I use.

First up we have the tools: A non photo blue Prisma Color Col-erase pencil. Basic mechanical pencil. Pentel Sign Pen. Faber-Castell marker pen small. Raphael Kolinsky Brush size 1. Speedball black ink. Kuretake marker brush #33. Kneaded eraser.

I use the non photo blue pencil for the roughs. I follow up with the basic mechanical pencil to get down the fine lines. I keep this very simple, little to no shading. It conserves time and the fine lines makes it easier to ink over later. Sometime ink doesn't glide over the non photo blue easily. 

Next step is the marker pens. I discovered the Pentel Sign Pen at Michaels and i really love the varying depth on the line I can get. The tip stays intact and the ink lasts a long time. I use the Faber-castell small for the really fine stuff. Again, I keep this step to a minimum to conserve time.

The meat and potatoes. At this point I begin to use the brush and ink. This is where the majority of the piece is completed. Eve though I plan out where the light source is and where the shadows will drop at the very beginning layout stages I don't actually apply it to the paper until this step. Again it conserves time not having to do it twice and time is money. 

I continue on with the brush and ink and as you can see, I work from left to right to avoid messy smudging. 

Once the brush work is completed I use the Brush marker for the motion lines. Its faster and a more comfortable feel for me. Then I erase the underlying pencils and its off to the scanner...

The final scan and clean up in photoshop. 
Total time on this piece: 2 hours.

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