Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hey everyone. Here is a peek at some original art from my latest projects. I currently wrapped up a 6 page mini trailer for my good friend Rob Reilly's grindhouse-esque series A.K.A. The trailer was written, exceptionally well as always, by Mice Templar and Thor: Frst Thunder scribe Bryan JL Glass. Also in this batch are some pages from the 24 page Atomic Robo short I am currently working on (only 4 pages left until that wraps as well) which will be presented in an anthology series by Red 5 Comics. The Robo short is written by the ever hilarious and all kinds of awesome Robo creator Brian Clevinger! Take a look!

Monday, September 05, 2011

Unmasked Film Shoot!

OK, here's the scoop! Unmasked, the 4 issue mini series I recently worked on with writer Michael Sarrao is moving forward in the post production department. Arch Enemy Comics has teamed with Panel Fly and it seems that Unmasked will be released through their app within the next couple of months and will be packed with loads of extras. Interviews with the creative team, character bios, behind the scenes art from yours truly and it looks like a short film! Thats right, Michael Sarrao and a group of talented film makers are putting together a short live action film that will tie into the series. I am drawing a 5 page short story that precedes the events seen in the film and all of it will be available with the mini series through the Panelfly app! Here are some images from the shoot and a few penciled panels from the short story! More to come!

Here I am with (left to right) R.J. Lucci playing 'Max', creator Michael Sarrao, Molly Montgomery as 'Paige', and Khaled Quaaz as 'Sam'.