Monday, February 27, 2006


Zombie Sama! did very well at the NY COMICON this weekend. Billy and I want to thank everyone who came by the booth for a poster and sketch. We completely ran out of over 500 posters so I am glad everyone liked what they saw. The book will be on shelves in 2 weeks, hope you like it. If you did not get a free zombie sketch like the one to the left then come down to the next con that Billy and myself will be at. Keep checking back here to find out what Con that may be (Pittsburgh I believe is the next one but don't qoute me haha).

heres a couple scribbles from my sketch book, my detective character: hes a real bad ass but is an absolute sucker for the ladies . both pictures done with marker pens

Friday, February 24, 2006

a sequel??

zombie sama part 2? hey every zombie flick needs a sequel. who knows, we may get to it one day, but first Tucci and I have a couple more projects to work on, but i thought i'd have alittle fun with the idea


ok I dont know about anyone else but im a huge superman fan and i've been really excited for months now about the new movie comin out so i started drawing up supes like crazy, i got a little too nuts and bought season one of Lois&Clark on dvd (im still trying to get my money back) but it did give me an idea for this next pic after i saw a poster of teri hatcher wrapped in supermans cape.

some new stuff people

ok, I am finally done with the book! I can mess around with my own stuff and take some time for myself so heres some crap ive done this week

this first one i was happy with until i inked the opening at the end of the gun and messed it up hhaha how much of a pain in the ass is it to ink a perfect oval?!, oh well ill fix it when i get time

the second pic is my take on good ol' buffy, who knows why i drew that, i dont even like that show. but i am liking the pic.

I bought a johnny cash album this week (legend of johnny cash i think) and the photo on the cover blew me away, plus johnny cash is the man, so i drew it and here it is!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


here is the official cover for Zombie sama!

some sample pages

here are a few pages from the book. It will be a 48 page B&W one shot from crusade/narwain coming in march. enjoy! wish it was in color!