Thursday, June 02, 2016


Just want to shout a great series I've been enjoying from Andrew MacLean and Image Comics called Headlopper. Great stylized barbarian adventure. Here is a bit of fan art I did for fun.

Celebrating my tenth year as a professional comic artist!

2016 marks the tenth year since I released my first published work, Zombie Sama, with writer/creator Billy Tucci. In that time I have worked for a handful of publishers and outside companies on both creator owned work and work for hire projects. I also married and had two children and have recently taken some time off to spend it with family and regroup. I am happy to be back in full swing with a handful of projects in the works. Here is a piece I did recently to commemorate the spectacular decade I've experienced and the amazing creators I have had the pleasure to work with and call my friends in that time. the colored version is by Sean Callahan.