Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jack Kirby's Fourth World! Commission Piece!

Here is a commission piece I did recently for a fan. Jack Kirby's Fourth World characters Orion, High Father and Darkseid. Never had the opportunity to draw these characters before but I had so much fun I'd love to do it again! If you are interested in an original one of a kind commission from me contact me via facebook or email me at!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Ok, not sure if you've noticed but the Connor Kent version of Superboy has been everywhere, from an episode of Smallville to a continuing role on the CN's Young Justice and even a brand spanking new comic series. So when I decided to take a little sketch break the other night I couldn't help but take a shot at Superboy. I wanted the drawing, done on 9X12 Vellum, to tell a story, mainly how Connor, a clone of both Superman and Lex is torn between two very different personalities and worlds. (Notice Superman's wearyness and Lex's sinister stare). Check it out!