Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I just wanted to say what I great time I had at this year's convention in Baltimore. The last few years the only cons I have been able to attend have been in NY and it was great to get back to this con (the last time I was here was 2008). It was great seeing old friends as well as making a ton of new ones and the amount of fans that came over to the table truly blew me away. It was fantastic getting to hear people's opinions of my work as well as spreading the word on my latest projects and seeing the excitement on everyone's faces. As usual I did a slew of sketches and as USUAL I completely forgot to pics of many of them . However here are a few I did take. Here we have Jonah Hex, Charlie from Lost and Jayne from Firefly. Missing from this list is Captain America, Static Shock, Power Girl, Green lantern, Gambit and more. It was a busy weekend and I blew it not taking the pics : (  lolol. My next convention will be NYCC in October and I promise to take more pics of the art I draw as well as the interesting costumes I see! Hope to see you there!