Friday, June 17, 2011

More promo art for Unmasked!

art by me, colors by Nick Filardi!


Gargantuan Media said...

It's really very hard to crit your work. Especially so on this Unmasked project because 99% of it is just flat out awesome.

But A-ha!, I spy room for improvement in this image.

I like the "heat" in the center of the image and the "cold" at the bottom but the top of the image seems blown out...

The composition in the upper 1/4th? It seems like it needs some sort of connective structure like a building, a dawning sky or even someone falling.

John Broglia said...

Thank you for the amazing compliment! And as always, criticism is certainly welcome. I kind of fibbed a bit when I posted this art. Its not promotional art, its actually a cover for the series.The reason for the empty space up top is to leave room for the title. We'll keep this little secret between us lol.