Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Had a great time this weekend at the FOO (friends of Oeming) booth at the Baltimore Comicon. Did quite a few commissions and sold a bunch of original art as well as had a blast with the FOO CREW! Here are a few pictures of the fun time we had. Thanks again to Mike Oeming for hooking this up!

First up we have the RUN DMC pose. Mike, myself, Brian Quinn and Scott Wegner.
A couple shots of the FOO booth and a commision sketch of the black canary. next myself and Tommy Castillo, aka "the man" and finally me and oeming being "gangsta"

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patrickstrange said...

The FOO? The Friends of Oeming... you all are crazy... haha... Oeming doesn't have friends! Just kidding! Oh, hey whats with the superfinger in the pic with Oeming! haha! Anyway, here's a pic from B-more... URL Link:


again good meeting you John... I'll see you at another con! BTW, let me know if you need help selling any of your pages!