Sunday, June 04, 2006

philly con sketch

here is a comission sketch from Wizard World Philly. Had a great time between Oeming and Mack breakdancing and the Tom Cruise impersonations to my first on cam interview to the free booth (thanks Billy). Oh yea the sketch is Invincible, great goddamn book, pick it up.

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Michael Oviedo said...

yo john! thnx for the feedback man...i definitly am interested in going into comics. but i have no idea how to start off. you got any good references i can check out that would show me how to compose your boards good and just about everything i would need to know to make a good comic. i'm intimidated by the whole genre cause there is so much great stuff out there. i find myself being inspired more by comicbook artists than animation artists. i love the poses and energy, the action that is going into these characters. that's where i am at the moment. i want to create action. i been doing stupid cartoony stuff on my blog just to make sure i still got it, but most my personal stuff is going more towards realistic comic book shit. anyways hit me up with your e mail info. your work has def got me excited cause you just keep growing and growing as an artist. that's what i wish i could be doing...growing as good as you are. i'm stuck in limbo right now. thanks again yo!

p.s. albert pardo is gay